Rue’s Quintessentially ’70s Ceramic Pitcher [SOLD]

Rue owned this little ceramic pitcher for decades. You can see it around her homes in pictures from way back in the 1970s; and that is no surprise considering the style of this piece is quintessentially ’70s. It has always held a place of honor in her homes, too. You can see it right in the living room of her Manhattan apartment in a staged photo shoot for a magazine interview in the early 2000s – she chose to put it in the background, so obviously she felt strongly about the piece. The image that really demonstrates the importance of this piece to Rue is when you look back at a picture of her “ego wall” in her California home. What is on the shelf with all of the pictures of “The Golden Girls?” That’s right, this pitcher is right there! There is a slight crevice in the clay on the inside that appears to be original to the handmade piece, even though you can see it has created a hairline crack in the glaze on the exterior of the piece, it does NOT seem to affect the piece’s strength or integrity at all. This 7″ x about 3.5″ pitcher comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$350 NOW $175 (Not the $162.50 we somehow thought was half of $350! It was late…)

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