Rue’s Red Cashmere and Wool Cape (With Matching Hat!) [New Price] [SOLD]

We couldn’t possibly overestimate how much Rue loved this cape; It was definitely one of her favorite articles of clothing. She found it a few years back during a Fall foliage tour and couldn’t wait to break it out every Fall thereafter. It was made by British designer Peter James. She bought a matching hat which we’ll include. Also, there is a detachable reversible scarf which we failed to shoot for the display pictures, but you can see it in the photos of Rue wearing the cape. Of course – once we find it (and we think we know where to look) – it’ll be included. Comes with a copy of the picture of Rue wearing it with her onscreen “Sordid Lives” lover, David Steen, and his lovely singer/Emmy winning wife of 20 years, Bobbie Eakes, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue. (UPDATE – We found the scarf!)


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