Rue’s Red Sequined Dangling Sparklers [SOLD]

Rue told us these earrings were from “The Golden Girls.” However, after an exhaustive search on our part, and on the part of all the fans on “The Official Rue McClanahan Memorial Facebook Page,” – thanks everyone – we are throwing in the towel. As we wrote on Rue’s page, sometimes she got it wrong, and other times when she said something was from “The Golden Girls” it could merely mean she filched it from the costume department or from one of the other cast members. So, we cut the price by half and are now just selling these as Rue’s really amazing red sequined dangling sparklers (but really, can’t you just see “Blanche” wearing them?). They come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue, and with a plea – if you find her wearing them in any show or movie, please let us know!


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