Rue’s Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Necklace [SOLD]

Isn’t this spectacular? It is another one of those mysterious “A R” pieces with the shell logo between the letters on the little brass tag. As we’ve mentioned before – and we wish we were paying closer attention now that we see how many pieces Rue collected that this mystery woman created – but Rue said she loved this woman’s jewelry, and that the woman was an archeologist who traveled the world going on these digs, finding these amazing rocks and pieces of glass, and then putting them into pieces of jewelry that she designed and made. The pieces are all, obviously, one-of-a-kind and unique in the extreme. Also, this woman used the finest materials; in addition to the hunk of raw – what we suspect is – rose quartz as a pendant on this piece, there are these beautiful pink and sterling silver beads. The pink beads are definitely not plastic! I’m not a geologist – although, truth be told, I kind of wish I were; I loved geology in college – but because of the light that seems to come from INSIDE of the pink beads, I think they are individual shaped and polished pieces of rose quartz, too. The chain – which is this durable double link creation, so two loops would have to fail for the necklace to break – is made of sterling silver as well. Another thing Rue said was that all these woman’s pieces were expensive – and as we’ve told you before, for Rue to even NOTICE a price tag, it had to be stratospheric – and we don’t doubt a piece like this one would cost a bundle. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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