Rue’s Shell From “Generation Gap” [On Hold]

Rue wore this shell in a movie she made with Ed Asner entitled “Generation Gap.” She adored Mr. Asner and had a real hoot working with him on the movie; as evidenced by the behind-the-scenes photo posted which was shot of them goofing off between takes. Even though the piece was designed by “Liz & Co.,” the blue knit top was altered by either the costumer for the movie, by Rue, or by both of them. It appears the lace trim was added along the neckline, and that was probably done by the costumer due to the quality of the stitching. There were gussets added to the sides to give it more room, and that was possibly done by Rue, since she did that to most of her tops. And the sleeves were roughly chopped off since the top was being worn under a coat – transforming it from a long-sleeved sweater to a shell – and that was almost definitely done by Rue since she HATED being too hot and was not afraid to attack a piece of clothing with scissors if she was cooking under the bright lights. Rue’s “shell” from the movie “Generation Gap” comes with prints of the photos posted and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

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