Rue’s Singing Stuffed Alligator [SOLD]

As we’ve mentioned before, Rue used to say she kept stuffed animals, toys and dolls all over her homes “just in case kids visit,” but that was not entirely true – Rue kept all these cute and fun things around because, at heart, she remained a little girl all her life. One the things she really loved were those singing stuffed animals. This 25″ long alligator was always hanging around somewhere in her living room. It sings: “See You Later Alligator,” and it cracked Rue up each time it did so. Its tail and mouth moves while it sings, too. This comes with a couple of photos of Rue with her alligator – the one in her kitchen is a screen grab from the moment she was showing us how she was having trouble walking, which led to the knee specialist, scheduled surgery, stress test failure, emergency open heart surgery, stroke, and her eventual death; wow – and it also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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