Rue’s Sixth Wedding Framed Gold Leaf Names Logo and Reception Favors [SOLD]

When Rue married her sixth husband at a lavish event held at The Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, she had a logo created for all the invitations and reception items; it was the two of their names linked together in a circle. Someone had the logo reproduced in 24kt gold leaf and then framed it as a gift. Rue hung it on the wall of her master bedroom, and she kept it there even after the marriage fell apart. It is 8.25″ square and in perfect condition. This lot also includes four of the cardboard framed pairs of photos of Rue and her sixth husband from various points in their lives. One of these reception favors was even shown in an article about the wedding that appeared in a tabloid. This lot includes: the gold framed names; four of the reception framed favors for a total of eight pictures – four of Rue and four of her husband; a copy of the tabloid article; a 4″ x 6″ print of Rue and her husband on their wedding day with one of the reception favors on the table next to them; and two Certificates of Authenticity from Estate of Rue – one for the framed names and one for all the favors.


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