Rue’s Solid Bronze Dog and Cat Sculpture from….? [SOLD]

We have no idea what this beautiful little signed sculpture is from, but we know what Rue did with it. Obviously, it was screwed into something at one time; perhaps some award or gift for all the charitable work Rue did for animals. However, whatever its original purpose, the base is gone, and what Rue did with it is stick it in the ground in the yard of her Manhattan Apartment. It developed a nice patina as a result of being in the elements, too. The piece is signed by the artist and dated – “L.Lee “91″ – and even though we have no clue who that is, we love their work, and so did Rue. The piece measures 5.5″ high and it is solid and heavy. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$275 NOW $137.50

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