Rue’s Stunning Beaded Peacock, Tassel-Sleeved, Kimono-Style Wrap [SOLD]

We had some difficulty titling this post because, I mean, what do you call something like this? Rue had two of these pieces by the same designer, one green and this one in purple, and they are works of art. It takes a certain type of woman – or man (hey!) – to wear an item of clothing like this, the rest of us can only hope to have it framed and hang it on our walls as art. Rue could pull both of the wraps off; she even wore the green one on stage when we were trying out bits of her one-woman show! You can see Rue often kept this purple one on a hook right inside the master bedroom closet of her Manhattan apartment so she could grab it and just throw it on over something, or wear it on its own – go Rue! The robe (?) is 40″ long from shoulder to hem and the tassels add over another 3″. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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