Rue’s Three Vintage Pin Plates [SOLD]

We could be making mistakes with valuations, however, if anyone would want people to score a deal on her site it would be Rue McClanahan. So, if one of these three – or all of them – is some rare, highly collectible, famous artisan treasure, snap it up! Rue would not have any resentment if you sell it for a fortune down the road. Here’s what we have: three vintage, hand-painted pin plates. Rue kept them in a sideboard in her Manhattan apartment and she used them regularly. Even so, there does not seem to be any cracks or chips. Considering their age and the amount of use they were subjected to, these things look great. The first one is signed “Parker” and is 6.5″ across. The second is also 6.5″ across and is back-stamped “Sillesia” and “Hand Painted” (although they didn’t hyphenate it and we were under the impression one did) and has the initials “K.P.M.” The third plate is stamped “Made in Japan,” which we though would indicate it is inexpensive, but a person who is knowledgeable about these things told us it means no such thing – our apologies to the Japanese plate makers. All three of Rue’s vintage pin plates will appear on one Certificate of Authenticity.


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