Rue’s Tortoise Shell Cuff “Vogue” Watch (Needs a Battery) [SOLD]

Rue liked this watch and wore it often because it was so easy to put on – no band or clasp to deal with. When she was in ultra-casual mode around her home turf, this is what she’d wear. Because of its extensive use by Rue, there are tiny scratches on the metal and tortoise shell, but your really don’t notice them because they are so small. The last time I saw her wear it was just before she got sick when we were meeting with some song writers about the musical adaptation of her memoir. In the first picture, you can see Rue listening to what they have in mind while sitting in her living room; in the second, you can see her telling them what she has in mind while sitting in her library (with them at the piano); and you can see the watch in both pictures. By the way, the songwriting team was brilliant and came up with an amazing piece of music for her show; I hope you all get to hear it in the future. The watch comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Add-on Image: One of Rue’s helpful loyal fans just spotted this watch in a picture from when Rue and I were going through all her jewelry together, so it has been added for you to see. Thank you KM!


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