Rue’s Turkish Copper Watering Can [SOLD]

Rue kept a lot of plants in the house and this was the watering can she used to water them. She bought it online from a big company called IMAX, and she selected this can because she loved the weathered look and the patina that copper takes on over time. This watering can was always on the floor of the dining area of her Manhattan apartment, and so we kept it there even after she passed and all the plants were given away. I checked some clips from the documentary to see if I could find a screen grab of Rue with the can and, sure enough, it is in every scene we shot when you can see the floor next to the bar stools. In this particular scene, Rue is showing me how she isn’t walking with a limp and doesn’t need to see a specialist about her knee – hence the highly dubious expression on my face. The can comes with a print of the screen grab so you have Rue and the item together in a shot, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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