Rue’s Vintage A.S. Strommen Bruk Hamar Norwegian Sewing Box [SOLD]

Did you know Rue sewed? Her Grandmother was a seamstress and taught both Rue and her sister Melinda to sew. Rue had a lot of sewing accessories and she kept a pile of them in this vintage expandable sewing box. Didn’t everyone’s family have one of these in it? I certainly recall seeing them in auntie’s and grandmother’s houses my whole life. Just standing there the thing is almost 18″ high and 21″ long, but it opens up to over five and a half feet long! This is a well made piece of equipment, and these A.S. Strommen Bruk Hamar pieces are much sought after. This particular box is probably from the ’40s or ’50s. Here is a funny Rue sewing story for you: Rue and her sister Melinda used to send each other gag gifts for Christmas every year; I once kept Rue company while she sewed an opera cape for a rubber chicken she was sending her sister. In 2002, Rue cut dozens of shoulder pads out of “Golden Girls’” costumes and sent a big box of them to Melinda for Christmas – that’s it, just a box of shoulder pads. In the picture posted, you can see Melinda sewing all the shoulder pads together and she turned around and sent Rue a quilt made out of those “Golden Girls’” shoulder pads for Christmas 2003 – we still have it! Anyway, we think you can see the handle to Rue’s sewing box on the bottom left of the frame in the last picture posted. We’ll include copies of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity. Also, this piece is a little big to be shipping abroad, so unfortunately it is limited to U.S. residents only (Unless you want to pay for shipping and then just shoot us an email to and we’ll work it out).


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