Rue’s Vintage Bakelite Swivel Makeup Mirror [SOLD]

There are a number of cool things to tell you about this piece. First, the item itself is interesting in that it is a wall-mount OR free-standing makeup mirror. Second, even though it is a very old item, it is in excellent condition with no cracks or knicks – and remember, Rue was hard on her stuff, so the fact that this piece survived so many years of use without damage is a miracle. Third, since the piece is 6″ x 6″ – 7″ high when using the stand – it was easy to grab and move around where needed, so Rue did exactly that; it was not unusual to see this mirror on the kitchen counter, on a table in the living room or library, on her desk in the office, or even out in the yard someplace – Rue used this portable mirror a lot. Forth, and finally, we have DIRECT PROVENANCE for the mirror! Rue hired this guy to come in and assemble these storage units in the living room of her Manhattan apartment. Turns out, he was kind of gorgeous, so naturally she grabbed her camera and shot his picture so she could show us all later. While looking through a stack of photos recently, we came upon the photo of the stud handyman and were surprised to see the mirror on the coffee table behind him. We searched all the pictures from that period and, sure enough, we found a shot of Rue and her sixth husband with the mirror right there on the table where she’d been using it to get ready for whatever event they were going to that night. Cool, right? Comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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