Rue’s Vintage Hair Tools [SOLD]

As a professional actress, Rue was usually attended to by professional hair and makeup people, but not always. In fact, since she did have to often pull herself together for an event or appearance, she would ask the pros to recommend or even give her certain tools. As a result, she accumulated A LOT of hair care stuff over the years. You can see the stack of brushes and combs we found in the Manhattan apartment alone on the sideboard in the photo posted. Since everything is going one way or another, we are going to post groups of items together from this category. The first hair care lot has a vintage Conair blow dryer, which still works great, and a professional diffuser. We are also including a comb, pick, and brush, all of which Rue used for years. Finally, we found Rue’s old Vidal Sassoon curling iron – remember those? Of course, like just about every other woman on the planet, Rue dropped her curling iron a zillion times until it finally broke in two. Did Rue throw it out and get a new one? Nope, she taped it together with electrical tape and went on using it. Yeah, Rue! Estate of Rue is not responsible for any burns, electrocutions, or houses burning to the ground if you actually plug in Rue’s curling iron! Perhaps these items would make a wonderful framed montage with a great head shot of Rue in the center with her hair looking fabulous; we’ll include one of those, too, with the Certificate of Authenticity for everything, of course.


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