Rue’s Vintage Pressed Glass Water Pitcher [SOLD]

This old water pitcher is in perfect condition. That is amazing when you not only consider its age but the fact that it was actually used all the time. As we’ve mentioned before, Rue didn’t care how valuable or rare something was, if it had a purpose, she was going to use it for that purpose. You can see this pitcher on the top left corner of Rue’s living room hutch during a promotional reel shoot (Hi Bob!), but to prove the point, you can also see the pitcher behind Rue out on her picnic table and – guess what! – the vintage water pitcher is filled with water – you go Rue! In that photo, Rue had already had her stroke and was being worked on by a very kind therapist with a loving attendant watching over her. The picture makes me kind of sad… but using the beautiful pitcher made Rue happy, so here we are, finding it a new home, and we hope it’ll make whoever gets it happy, too. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a print of the shot of Rue with it on the table.


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