Rue’s Vintage Sky Blue Crystal Perfume Bottle (UPDATE – We Found the Bottle!)[SOLD]

You know how every once in awhile we get kind of nervous that we are selling something that could be worth a fortune for too little, this is one of those times. We simply don’t know anything about antique perfume bottles and the prices on the internet run from reasonable into the thousands. So, as always, we look to Rue’s ashes and ask for guidance and spin a wheel in our heads. It comforts us to know that Rue would love fans getting deals on her site. This piece is gorgeous and it is the tallest in Rue’s entire antique crystal perfume bottle collection at 6.5″ with a 2″ base. It is in excellent condition without any cracks or chips and does marvelous things under the light. We tried to shoot it with different lights off and on so you could see how it changes. Rue first got this piece when her primary residence was the Encino House out in California – during the run of “The Golden Girls” – but she brought it with her to the New York Apartment and put it on the glass shelves by her tub in the master bathroom. There were lights above it on a dimmer and Rue loved the way all the bottles changed depending on how much light she poured on them. This bottle appears to be carved and etched glass and the stopper is glass as well. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

UPDATE: We remember putting it somewhere “safe” after the photo shoot, and now can’t remember where that “safe” place is! Was it in a boot? A hatbox? It’ll turn up…eventually.

UPDATE: During the current round of photo shoots we found the bottle inside a glass case that Rue used for jewelry storage. As soon as we saw the box the reason we put it there came back to us – the case is at the very top of the storage area to keep it from being smashed, so it is the safest place for storage of fragile items. Mystery solved.


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