Rue’s Vintage Sterling and Marcasite Floral Pin [SOLD]

As you’ve certainly caught on to by now, Rue LOVED vintage sterling and marcasite pieces – she collected them. Here is an old sterling silver pin that she adored for two reasons: one, it had the vintage sterling marcasite thing going on; and two, it also had the girlie flower thing happening, and Rue was definitely into the girlie flower thing, too! An “expert” told us that the way the pin just slips under a curved closure at the back, rather than having one of the more modern spring closures, indicates it is quite old – whatever than means. Like all of Rue’s jewelry, it could really use a good scrubbing, but that will be up to the new owner; many people like that patina that comes with aged silver. We noticed one of the marcasite stones is missing in the top flower on the piece and – you’re not going to believe this – we looked on the bottom of the box it came out of, and there it was! So, we’ve taped it to an index card and will send it with the pin; you can decide whether to have it glued back in or not. Finally, there is a little loop on this pin and so suspect it may be worn as a pendant, too. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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