Rue’s Watermelon Pin from the ’70s [SOLD]

We can’t tell who that guy is with Rue in the pictures from the ’70s – it could be her forth husband, “The Greek” – but obviously, they are heading out to a Halloween party. We also have no idea what their costumes are supposed to be – this definitely looks like one of those famous Rue McClanahan last-minute-before-the-party creations – but they look great! Rue chose to wear this unusual watermelon pin that night and it does keep with the off-the-wall, bizarre nature of their get-ups. The pin appears plastic or maybe ceramic at first glance, but it turns out it actually is a really well-made, solid metal pin. The metal is hand-painted to look like a watermelon slice, and it certainly does. Comes with a print of the photo shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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