Rue’s White Church Lady Hat [SOLD]

Rue had over 100 hats and this was one of her “church lady” style toppers. These were often wardrobe pieces from various movies she made or from guest appearances on television shows. She kept her hats in hat boxes and displayed on shelves along the hallway to her master bathroom in her Manhattan apartment. Rue loved to play dress up with her friends and it wasn’t uncommon to arrive at her apartment for a legit purpose only to end up having her deck you out in an outfit, jewelry, and yes, even a “church lady hat.” This one is 6″ high with a 15″ brim and the inside measures 7.5″ across. There is a tag which reads: Betmar New York. We don’t know which movie, show, or theatrical production she wore this in, so hopefully you’ll let us know when you find out. The hat comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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