Rue’s Wine Velvet Egg Purse [SOLD]

Isn’t this an elegant little evening bag? Unlike most evening bags, you can actually carry more than a single Altoid in it, too! It is 5″ x 7″, so that seems really small, but then it is almost 3″ thick, and that’s where you get your space for a can of beer, or whatever. Anyway, Rue liked it because you could carry it in your hand with the strap tucked inside – trés chic – or there is a 33″ shoulder strap, so you can hang it off your body and still have access to it. In fact, the shoulder strap was too long for Rue’s 5′ 3″ frame and so she tied a knot in it so it would hang at the perfect level for her. During the shoot, the photographer’s assistant was about to take the knot out to measure the strap and we screamed “NO!” He jumped and almost dropped it! Obviously, we’re losing it. You can see the purse hanging along the wall inside Rue’s closet. Also, in the picture taken on her bedroom carpet during the original inventory shot; in that one we put all the bags next to one of Rue’s tennis shoes so you could get an idea of their size. Rue’s egg bag is a lush wine colored velvet with rhinestones along the clasp and it comes with the original knot in the strap (Ha!) and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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