Rue’s Wood and Glass Mirrored Curio Cabinet [SOLD]

As you are well aware by now, Rue was a collector of many things and so she needed shelves to store and show her treasures. This 32.5″ x 18″ curio cabinet hung on the wall between her kitchen and living room in her Manhattan apartment. I have seen everything from Depression Era Glassware to Rue’s rock collection displayed inside – yes, Rue had a rock collection. This cabinet is a well made piece of furniture and although she hung it on the wall, you can just stand it on a table if you want, it has a specially designed “no tip base.” The piece is made of wood with a cherry finish and there is a mirrored back; it is 7.25″ deep and there are four adjustable glass shelves. In the four frames from an interview at the end – where Rue’s sixth husband is in the background pouring himself a drink – the camera man was asking her if she was looking forward to her Broadway Show and a gig she had coming up in Texas and Rue smiled at the camera and said: “I’m looking forward to everything!” She always was, too. This piece is too large and too delicate to ship with the mirror and glass panels and shelves, so we’ll have to limit it to someone in the NYC area and then we can deliver it personally. Comes with prints of all the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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