Rue’s Wooden Frog Instrument [On Hold]

Rue loved nothing more than a musical evening with people playing piano and other instruments and singing together while everyone gradually got totally blasted. Oh, wait, we didn’t mean “blasted” necessarily, but you understand. Many of her friends had real talent, too, and could sing like angels and play like virtuoso. Some of her friends however, ahem, like me, could NOT sing a note or play anything, and so she kept percussion instruments around. That way we could be a part of the fun. This carved wooden frog was kept near or on top of Rue’s piano so it was always available to hand to the dork in the corner who couldn’t sing or play. The piece measures 5.5″ tail to nose and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

(By the way, it makes a really cool sound, too, when you slide that wooden stick up and down the frogs back!)


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