Rue’s Yardstick [On Hold]

This is one of those household items of Rue’s that has practical value. If you are anything like Rue, you will use this yardstick all the time, too. Rue used this for any of the things one uses a yardstick for; she used it to measure stuff and to draw straight edges. But mostly, Rue used this yardstick with her sewing. In particular, she used this yardstick every time she worked on that quilt she spent 32-years finishing! I remember her using it one day when she was working on the ticking, or whatever it is called along the back of the quilt, and I said something sassy and this yardstick promptly cracked me right on the top of the head – Rue! Rue’s yardstick/weapon comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$99 NOW $49.50

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