Sardi’s Restaurant Pewter Charger – $79 [SOLD]

Sardi’s Restaurant has been the go-to spot for Broadway opening night parties for as long as anyone who appears on Broadway has been alive – Rue loved Sardi’s and always ordered off the special “Actor’s” menu – available for professional, union member actors and their guests. She was thrilled when she finally had her caricature done and hung on those famous walls (by the way, that is me with her at the private party thrown in her honor the night of the portrait unveiling). Right before she got sick we went to an opening party and hung out with Bernadette Peters – Sardi’s is always interesting! Now, I’m not saying that Rue ripped off one of their pewter chargers the night her portrait was unveiled as a special memento of the evening, but I’m not saying she didn’t either. In any case, she has one, and now it can by yours. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue. However, if anyone from Sardi’s calls, we don’t know nuthin!


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