Sequined Evening Bag Rue Carried the Night She Signed Sardi’s Caricature [SOLD]

Rue considered herself a theatre actress first and then a television actress. If she had to choose one over the other – despite her huge success on television out in California – she would’ve chosen New York City and the theatre. Thus, it was a great honor for her when Sardi’s restaurant – a restaurant in The Theatre District and popular with theatre people since the ’20s – added her caricature to the world-famous collection that hangs on its walls. This is the elegant bag she chose to carry that special night – a 8″ x 8″ black sequined purse with 12″ satin handles. Many of Rue’s nearest and dearest gathered in a private room upstairs to have cocktails and watch her sign the piece, and then a few of us – just six, if I remember correctly – had dinner together downstairs in the main dining room. Rue was dressed in her “Elvis Suit,” as she called it, head to toe sequins. When I escorted her into the bustling restaurant the entire place fell silent as the crowd recognized Rue McClanahan. I could hear her name being whispered in the air. I felt Rue’s hand tighten on my arm and, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable, I leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, if you hang out with ME long enough you’ll get used to this.” She roared with laughter, relaxed, and we all had a wonderful time that night. That is a good memory. Anyway, the purse comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and prints of the photos shown.


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