Set of Eight Monogrammed Vintage Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Soup Spoons [New Price] [SOLD]

As Rue travelled the world in her professional and personal life, she liked to hit antique stores wherever she went; she really shopped her way around the globe. One of the things she always searched for were interesting vintage sterling silver pieces, and she had drawers filled with them in her Manhattan apartment. This particular set of eight soup spoons is inscribed with “WE” and we can’t help but wonder if that stands for Wallis and Edward – remember the movie Madonna directed entitled “WE?” You never know. It also turns out that she had a keen eye for truly exceptional pieces, because these Reed and Barton cream soup spoons are worth a bundle. We went online and saw that new ones go for over $200 each! Since Rue has eight here, and they are vintage, and they are monogrammed, and they might have belonged to the former King of England and his shady wife, and they definitely belonged to Rue McClanahan, we figure they are worth, like, a zillion, but we decided on a more reasonable figure. Rue loved these spoons and she wanted them to go to one of her fans, so even though the “professionals” tell us we could sell these to a dealer for more, we are going to follow Rue wishes and get these spoons into the home of a fan who will love and care for them AND USE THEM just like she did. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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