Set of Six Pink Depression Era Sorbet-Style Champagne Glasses [SOLD]

As you probably already know, Rue collected Depression Era Glass in every color – we’ve posted an initial inventory shot from Rue’s living room so you can see PART of her collection. Rue actually had a rare matching set of six sorbet-style champagne glasses, and of course they are PINK! We posted a personal snapshot here of Rue with her pal Sylvia – she was visiting Rue from England – and you can see they are both drinking out of pieces from Rue’s Depression Glass Collection; Rue is drinking out of a ruby stemmed piece and Sylvia is having her tea – British, you know – out of a pink cup. Rue used these pieces everyday and that is why it is especially impressive that she still has this set of six all together – and there are no chips or cracks. The set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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