Signed Jazz Program From Event Rue and Bea Hosted [On Hold]

This piece probably won’t appeal to everyone, but to the fan of jazz, this piece is going to be AMAZING! First of all, how bizarre is it that Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur hosted this jazz event at all? If you knew Rue though, you’d know she was a huge fan of jazz from the very beginning. She and her best friend, later her second husband, Norman, were jazz nuts. Rue’s son, Mark, is a jazz guitarist to this day. Can you see the paintings Rue had hanging around her Manhattan apartment? They are lots of jazz greats, and Rue didn’t buy those works of art, she had them commissioned directly from the artist! Anyway, this event had a lot of jazz greats in person, and many of them signed Rue’s program. And although she did not sign her name, we think that note on the back, which reads: “To My Dear Rue, Thank you!!!” was from Bea Arthur. Rue was the one that convinced her to do it, and Bea ended up having a fabulous time and falling hard for jazz. We haven’t found anything public about this event, either, so this is a rare document from what was certainly an unbelievable gathering of musical and acting talent. This originally signed piece of jazz and television history comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

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