Silk Floral Arrangement (And a Story!) [On Hold]

Rue had a new boyfriend at the time of her death. She had already been married six times, had had recent open heart surgery, was recovering from a stroke, and STILL she was like a giggly teenage girl wanting nothing more than to talk about her new man! Her new man sent her three silk floral arrangements. She is posing with her suitor’s photograph and one of the arrangements in the photo taken in her home office posted here, her handyman Julio accidentally smashed the second one – THAT WAS A TENSE DAY AT CASA RUE! – and here is the third. To write that these arrangements were Rue’s prized possessions at the end of her life is an understatement. See the little stuffed dog she is pressing to her cheek in the other photo posted? That was sent to her by her new guy, too, and you can see how important it is to her by the way she is holding it. The gentleman courting Rue was having a birthday the month after her death, his 85th. Rue had already lovingly signed 30 birthday cards to him so he would receive one each day for a full month leading up to his birthday, and she had inscribed one of her gorgeous “doodles” to him for that special day. Just so you know, we sent one of those cards to Rue’s intended each day for those 30 days, and then we sent Rue’s signed doodle to him so it arrived on his birthday. We know that was what Rue would have wanted. Although he was heartbroken at the lose of his “girl,” he was so grateful for the expression of her love for him. Isn’t that romantic? This piece measures 11″ x 11″ and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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