Silver Sequined Pumps! Are you Serious? [SOLD]

Could you just die? These shoes are unbelievable. Here is the thing, we know there must have been a reason for these shoes, but we have looked everywhere and can’t find a picture or a video clip with Rue wearing them. It isn’t like Rue would buy these to march around the house, there had to have been a very specific reason, and we sure wish we knew what it was. The bottoms aren’t even scratched up, so she probably wore them once, one time for whatever that very specific reason was. Help! If you know, please tell us. All we know for sure is that they sat on the top of one of her built in shoe racks for years and years, right next to the “Maude” platforms. Do you see them in the photo? Two pair of ’70s platforms Rue wore on “Maude” – could you just die all over again? Rue’s closet is a real adventure. These dazzlers come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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