Simple Sterling Silver Ring [SOLD]

Isn’t this ring cool? It is just a classic round silver ring but Rue loved it. We think it is size 7.5, but as you can see from the top shot there is a slight bend in the back – Rue was always tough on the jewelry. Naturally, like all of Rue’s silver, it could use a good polishing, but we’ve been told by the “experts” not to mess with the original condition she left things in when she passed. In the pictures with Rue wearing it on the love seat in the music room/library of her Manhattan apartment, she was just explaining to a musical duo that we’d like them to leave the music for a song they were submitting for her Broadway Show so we could listen to it again later. They were politely declining – preferring to be hired before they gave up the goods – when we pointed out that the whole performance has been filmed by the documentary crew and that Rue could just play the tape later. As you can see, that really cracked RUe up, in fact, we all roared, even the musicians. It was a good day. Rue wore this ring all through the book tour for her memoir, too. This ring has many happy memories attached to it of fun and creative times with Rue McClanahan. Comes with prints of the pictures show and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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