“Sordid Lives’” Pillbox Hat – Made by Rue on Set! [SOLD]

You probably already know that Rue sewed, and you probably already know that she chose to keep busy all the time, that was why she was always “doodling” or crafting or writing or something. Well, did you know that while working on the series “Sordid Lives” – the last series of the nine she did in her lifetime – she made 10 pillbox hats for her character to wear? We found all the hats after she passed and shot them together in the living room of her Manhattan apartment. We found her patten, the bag of fabrics, and all the embellishments she bought at a local craft store during production, too. This particular hat enjoyed some great airtime with Rue and Olivia Newton John in a honkey tonk! The pins and clips used are all still attached – it is a really well-made hat. “Sordid Lives” was a project Rue was passionate about. She knew she would never make much money doing “Sordid Lives” – it was for Logo – but it was never about that for her. She loved the writing, adored the creator, Del Shores, and had plain old-fashioned fun with the other actors. Rue had reached a point in her life by then that if she wasn’t going to have fun, then she wasn’t interesting in taking the part. As you can see from the picture taken during the DVD release party, this group of professionals had FUN together. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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