Sterling and Marcasite Ring Rue Wore Night Betty White Won Her Emmy [SOLD]

As you can see in the shot of Rue’s three marcasite rings from the estate’s original inventory picture – posted here with the red background – she had two that were similar in shape. From the original photo we found and posted of all the “girls” with Betty’s Emmy, we could no longer tell if it was the ring on the left or the ring on the right. We thought the right when we made the original post on this site, but then couldn’t see the slight V shape where the face goes into the band and so we put it on hold. We’ll as you can see, we found another picture from that night – Rue is with her 1st husband, and it is 30 years after their divorce (oh, Rue!) – and you can CLEARLY see it is the ring we thought it was. It has sold anyway, so all of this is moot, but we just thought you might want to know what we were confused about.


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