Sweatshirt with Image of Rue on Front – Gift from Bea Arthur [SOLD]

Rue and Bea met and started working together way back in 1972 and they hit it off from the very beginning. Their friendship spanned 37 years. After seven years with “Maude” they worked together another seven on “The Golden Girls.” Even after it went off the air though, their professional history kept bringing them back together at various events, and their friendship kept them in touch. As a result, they exchanged many gifts over the decades, and Rue never threw out anything that Bea gave her – no matter how bizarre, and this piece is DEFINITELY bizarre! Rue wasn’t sure how Bea found it, but the image on the front of this sweatshirt with the large earring is supposed to be Rue -it does kind of look like her too – and so naturally, Bea got the sweatshirt and gave it to her friend. When I came across it in Rue’s closet – once I could see again – I asked her: “Where on earth did you get this?” She told me who it was from and even admitted she had worn it, many times, back in the day! Oh, the ’80s. There are a few stains on the sweatshirt – naturally – but Rue never washed it, not even once, because she wasn’t sure what would happen to the image or the earring, so this shirt has NEVER been washed in over 20-years. I couldn’t understand why she hung onto it. I was with Rue the day Bea died, and then I went to the memorial with her months later, and she asked me to get her images of Bea from her one woman show – the last ones posted – because she told me that was the way she wanted to remember her – beautiful, healthy, and happy. I saw the genuine love and loss on Rue’s face and I finally understood why she kept this bizarre sweatshirt for all those years. Comes with prints of the images shown and a Certificate of Authenticity indicating the gift from Bea to Rue.

$425 NOW $212.50

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