Sweatshirt Worn by “Blanche” in FINAL EPISODE of “The Golden Girls” [SOLD]

Wow, did we almost screw up big time on this item! As you may or may not have noticed, we try and steam and/or press items when we put them on the mannequin – Gladys – and photograph them for the site. The reason that this particular piece is wrinkled and there are only two shots, is that it was going to be part of a group of five of Rue’s sweaters we were posting together as one lot. Rue has so many sweaters and therefore we decided to lump them into groups to speed up the process of getting them out there into the world. Not a lot of prep or images, just a quick shot or two and then into the pile. This purple sweatshirt was part of one of the first groups, it was only shot quickly and then folded and wrapped with four others and placed back in storage. When I arrived home after the last photo shoot and was checking emails, a fan had asked a question about something to do with some episode and so I started pulling up clips on YouTube. I came across a clip from the final episode – stills shown – and something about the design on the front of the purple sweatshirt Rue is wearing in the clip rang a faint bell in my head. We had just finished shooting 300 items though and they were all swirling together in my mind’s eye, so I tried to let it go and went to bed. Then, in the middle of the night, it hit me: we had photographed the sweatshirt “Blanche” was wearing when “Dorothy” and the character played by Leslie Nielsen – “Lucas” – announced they were getting married and no one recognized it. This piece is from the episode that ends “The Golden Girls” series, arguably making it one of the most significant costumes Rue wore on the whole series, and I had just thrown it in with a bunch of other sweaters and was preparing to anonymously send it out the door! It amazes me how I ever came into this position of responsibility, and it amazes me even more that I ever sleep at night! This central costume piece from the series “The Golden Girls” comes with prints of the screen grabs shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$950 NOW $475

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