Tapestry Rue Used as a Tablecloth [SOLD]

No matter how delicate or expensive an item was, in Rue’s house it was going to be used. This 63.5″ x 31.75″ hand embroidered tapestry was no exception. For a long time Rue used it as a cover for the mahogany sideboard in her dining room until someone pointed out that, with the metallic thread, the tapestry was probably scratching the wood more than whatever she was putting on the piece. After much laughter she took it off, folded it, and placed it under her much more expensive handmade wood coffee table in the living room. From then on she used it as a table cloth on that piece whenever we’d be snacking on her couch! It has some spots here and there, and the edges are soiled from dragging on the floor, so it will probably have to be cleaned, but there are no tears or other signs of wear. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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