“The Golden Girls” Yellow Marabou Mules from Season 1, Episode 1 – “The Engagement” [SOLD]

This is the type of item we suspect we’ll read about being sold at one of the big auction houses for a zillion dollars some day – if you’re concerned about your retirement, this could be just the investment you’ve been looking for! These are the gold lamé marabou mules that Rue McClanahan wore in THE PILOT of “The Golden Girls!” In that Season 1, Episode 1 show – entitled “The Engagement” – “Blanche” is getting married. As she prepares for the wedding, she exits her bathroom wearing these mules (right after 6:00 minutes in, just in case you look the clip up on YouTube). Rue still hadn’t perfected rushing around the set in mules yet, so she had a crew member scratch the bottoms, and someone else put some double stick tape on the insides to keep her from stepping right out of them. By the end of the first season though, Rue could run a mile in mules with no problem at all! This pair of shoes is a RARE piece of television memorabilia, made all the rarer since they were owned by Rue McClanahan. The mules come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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