These Earrings Tell You What Rue Was Really Like [SOLD]

People often ask: “What was Rue REALLY like?” Well, these two pair of her earrings can be used to answer that question. Rue made the silly orange synthetic rose and wacky rubber goldfish earrings herself. In fact, as you can see from the close up of the backs, they are most definitely homemade, there is even tape with all kinds of debris stuck to it (including her hair, just in case you want to clone her). The other pair of earrings are vintage Miriam Haskell’s. These are HIGHly collectable and much sought after because of both their beautiful design and there intricate and fine craftsmanship. On the night Rue turned 65, when she was heading out to celebrate at a fundraiser, with full knowledge that press would be there, and with full knowledge that, as she said: “I can’t cross the street without it ending up in the papers.” Instead of choosing to wear the expensive, elegant Miriam Haskell earrings, Rue chose her own goldfish creations! And that was what Rue was like. Don’t you love it? It is so fitting that a shot of her from that night appeared with an article about her cancer scare in a tabloid because it clearly demonstrates not only that life is uncertain and can end at any time, but that since all we have is today, why not have fun? Wear the silly earrings and screw the critics! These earrings come with two separate Certificates of Authenticity, copies of the photos shown, and we’ll even dig out one of the original tabloid articles and include that.

$375 NOW $162.50

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