Three Antique Sterling Silver Serving Pieces [New Price] [SOLD]

Rue collected silver; she bought it while on trips all over the world. Full disclosure, we know nothing about vintage silver pieces. We did a little research, however, and found antique serving flatware at a vast array of prices – some even in the gazillion dollar range – and we couldn’t quite figure out what makes a particular piece stratospherically expensive. So, if one of you out there realizes we are selling this super rare piece that is worth a fortune, PLEASE do not tell us, it will only make us feel worse. Take the deal and run. Rue would most definitely want one of her fans to score big off her site. We posted the pictures in order that they appear in the first shot, left to right – spoon side of a piece, then the base, then the mark, and in the last one, there is a back design, so that appears before the mark. Big to small they measure and weigh: 2.75″ x 9″, 2.8 ounces; 2 3/8″ x 8 3/8″, 2.4 ounces; and 1.5″ x 6 1/8″, 1.0 ounces. There are still some crusty mashed potatoes or something on the small piece, and Rue used the medium one to scrape out a candleholder (we saw her do it!), but overall they are in great shape, especially when you consider they just might be some ancient, museum-quality, something or others. Each comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$275 NOW $137.50

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