Three Green Depression Glass Plates [SOLD]

As you probably already know from other items on this site, Rue collected Depression Era Glass. These three salad plates are part of her “Green” glass collection. Although they are not a “set,” because they are similar in size, Rue would use them together. That was one of things we loved about her: no matter how rare or valuable something in one of her collections was, if it had a purpose, she used it for that purpose. The one that is so pale it looks almost yellow is 7.5″ across, the one with the swirls and edge of gold leaf is 8″, and the one with the square shapes along the edge is a little over 8″ across. By the way, those are Rue’s ashes in the box surrounded by the marabou boa at the edge of the shot of her green glass collection – she’s been watching us every step of the way. These plates come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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