Two 1952 Letters From Rue at College – All About Boys! [SOLD]

Over 30 years before the character of Blanche existed, Rue was writing home from college in a quintessentially Blanche-like fashion. There are two letters in the same envelope – both 8″ x 11″, one dated September 23, 1952 is two sheets with writing on both sides, and the other dated September 24, 1952 is one sheet with writing on both sides – and there is no mention of classes, education, or acting at all. Every single word of both letters is about boys! These smoking gun letters pretty much definitively answer the question posed to Rue over and over: “Do you have anything in common with the character Blanche?” No doubt about it after reading these gems – Rue WAS Blanche! Comes with a print of a college dance photo taken around this time of Rue and her date with other couples, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$150 NOW $75

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