Two Handwritten and Signed Letters On Rue’s Stationary Firing Law Firm, and Their Last Bill [SOLD]

Rue told me she knew that people ripped her off, but she decided to trust everyone and let the Universe take care of the thieves rather than live a life filled with doubt and fear. But sometimes even she saw through the lies and would deal with the shady characters head on. In these two handwritten letters, Rue is firing a lawyer via fax, with a detailed follow up letter. Looking at her face in the picture included, and knowing her as the loving, trusting person she always was, it shocks me that people could do the things they did just to try and get more of her money. These letters reveal what an honorable woman she was, and how the fact that others were not so honorable always seemed to genuinely hurt her faith in man. But, Rue always bounced back, and she lived another day to be raked over the coals by many more men in the future – oh Rue! Comes with the firm’s final bill and Rue’s assistant’s post-it notes with Rue’s frank handwritten directions, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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