Two Pair of Rue’s Earrings – Fabulous Bunch of Purple Grapes and Monet Clips [SOLD]

Isn’t this photo of Rue with one of her dogs stunning? So are the vintage purple bead earrings she is wearing. The bunch of grapes measure about an inch across at their widest and are 2.25″ long. The second pair we are including in the lot are simple gold toned Monet clips. Both pair will appear on the same Certificate of Authenticity, and we’ll include prints of the photos shown. By the way, in the second picture with the group of people, that is none other than Mr. Norman Lear standing next to Rue. He, of course, was the creator of “All in The Family,” among other great shows. He gave Rue her big break in television, first on “All in the Family” and then with another show he was filing on the next soundstage – “Maude.” Rue said on a number of occasions: “One of my biggest regrets in life is not marrying Norman Lear.” It seems they were always married to someone else when the other was available – in this case, Mr. Lear was married to (and still is) the gorgeous woman in the hat, Lyn Lear. When we were last out in California, we made a point to visit Mr. Lear at his amazing home. At 91, he is still as active and vibrant as Betty White. We presented him with some of Rue’s ashes to sprinkle on the grounds of his estate because we knew Rue would want to be there.


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