Two Pair of Rue’s Earrings – Favorite Hoops and ’80s Clips (UPDATE) [SOLD]

Here is another favorite pair of Rue’s earrings, and all the photos of her wearing them attest to this fact. She wore them to the Democratic National Convention the year Bill Clinton was nominated; on her honeymoon with hubby number six; while she was appearing in “Oklahoma” – during which she was still happily married to number six; with her son Mark on the set of a movie – you’ll notice his hair was longer than his mother’s then; and even in a public relations campaign for PETA (Don’t you love her expression in that shot?). We’ve coupled the 1.75″ hoops with a pair of 1″ x 1.5″ Landau clips. Both pair of earrings will appear on the same Certificate of Authenticity and we’ll include prints of all the photos shown.

UPDATE – We came across a tabloid article with Rue wearing the second pair of ’80s clips. Now BOTH pair in this coupling have direct provenance connections!


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