Two Pair of Rue’s Earrings – Gold Toned Balls and Faux Pearl and Rhinestone, and BOTH with Interesting Provenance [SOLD]

Where do we begin with these earrings? Let’s do the Ben Amun 2.5″ dangling balls first: Rue wore them over and over again. We have so many pictures in so many different settings of Rue with these earrings on that we can’t even list them all. There are: professional gigs with the earrings; weird events with the earrings (check out the ladies with the disco gowns and chokers!); at home in the Encino house eating ice cream with her first husband (she had divorced him over 30 years earlier!) and her sister, again, with the earrings; at a high school reunion with all of her best girlfriends and the earrings, and Rue was even wearing the earrings in a clip on Entertainment Tonight the day she passed. Thus, this first pair in this coupling is STRONGLY linked to Rue McClanahan. The second pair, the .5″ x 1″ faux pearl and rhinestone earrings by Richelieu, have only one photo that we have found so far, but what a photo it is! Is that really Dr. Joyce Brothers and Abe Vigoda? Or is this the “Twilight Zone?” Each pair of earrings will come with its own Certificate of Authenticity and we’ll include prints of all the pictures shown.


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