Two Pair of Rue’s Earrings – One Worn a Lot and (Newly Discovered Information) One Worn During GG Cast and Crew Documentary [SOLD]

Rue has so many pair of earrings that we’ve decided to start grouping them in pairs; you’ll get one pair that she wore often coupled with a pair that she did not wear as much, but they’ll both be on the Certificate of Authenticity! You can see which is which in this display – Rue loved her sterling silver “Hookers” and she wore them all through the book tour for her memoir, and around the house in her personal life, too. UPDATE! Someone already bought these, but now we discovered Rue wore the second pair of earrings in the grouping – the oval rhinestone pavé clips – in “The Golden Girls Cast and Crew Documentary.” You can see them at the beginning of this clip on YouTube – See, there are always treasures buried amongst Rue’s things!


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