Two Pair of Rue’s Earrings – Screw Back Hoops and Screw Back Sparklers [SOLD]

The first appearance the screw back hoops made in Rue’s life are way back in 1973, in a play she did entitled “Crystal & Fox.” Do you know who the handsome young gentleman is whose face she is holding in the photo? Do you also know what she did what that young man some years later in the yard of her California home? If not, too bad because we’re not talking. Anyway, Rue wore those screw back hoops the rest of her life. The screw back sparklers must be vintage because we don’t think they’ve even made screw backs for quite some time, but we could be wrong. Vintage or not, they are in great shape and they are stunning. Both pair are about an inch across. They’ll both be on the same Certificate of Authenticity and we’ll include prints of all the photos shown.


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