Two Pair of Rue’s Shoes – One Fancy and One Fun [SOLD]

Rue had a massive collection of shoes, which does not make her unique among woman, or some men. Rue’s shoes, however, are usually from some television show, movie, or theatrical appearance. As for these pairs, we have no idea where she wore them, we just know she did. We decided to group a fancy pair with a fun pair so you get both types of Rue’s shoes. The Capporros mules have a 2.5″ heel, are size 8 or 8.5, and they have lots of hand beading and sequins on the strap. Can’t you just see Rue mincing along in them with that clickity-clackety sound? The flip-flops are fabulous in their own right as a result of the marabou along the front. Rue could be comfortable in them while still having that element of “Blanche-ness” that seemed to be her birthright. Both pair will be on the same Certificate of Authenticity.


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