Unbelievably Fabulous Pink Silk Gown and Crisp See-Through Cover Up [SOLD]

We have seen “Blanche” wearing this flowing silk gown and crispy cover up in several episodes spanning Seasons Five and Six. Rue LOVED this costume. How could anyone not love it? If you watch one of the episodes with her in it, you can see what fun she is having wearing it, too. When the time came at the end of production, when Rue went to the costume department to claim ownership of Blanche’s costumes, this was a combination she was specifically looking for, and who could blame her? Judy Evans, the costume designer for the series, designed these pieces and they were custom made for Rue. The pieces are still in great condition and perhaps would be better purchased to preserve rather than wear. Although, truth be told, despite its delicate appearance, the cover up is so durable you could probably cut the grass and shovel the snow in it and it would still look fabulous. However, that liquid silk gown is more for posing and gliding across rooms in than for doing anything as practical as sitting or living life. Comes with prints of the screen grabs shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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